The port of Houston is the busiest shipping port on the Gulf Coast. It manages more than 69% of all the shipping container cargo in the Gulf Region.

Despite the high shipping volume, some of these freight containers are only used once or twice before they’re sold. 

If you’re looking for a Conex box for sale in Houston, that’s great news. It means you have a lot of options available, thanks to Houston’s proximity to shipping ports in this region.

Keep reading to learn five interesting facts about Conex boxes before you make your purchase.  

1. Conex Boxes Have Many Different Names

Conex boxes have been around since the 1950s. There was a need for a standardized method of shipping large quantities of goods and the standard, 20-foot shipping container was born. This method was called Container Express and later shortened to Conex

They also go by other names like bulk shipping containers, sea cans, or storage containers. ISO containers, named for the International Standards Organization, is also another common name. 

When you’re shopping around, know that these terms all refer to the same type of structure. 

2. Bulk Shipping Containers Are Easily Customizable

You can turn a freight container into a portable office, a pop-up restaurant, or an emergency shelter. Some companies that sell Conex boxes even offer shipping container modification services to meet all your conex box needs. 

You can add doors and windows, change the flooring, wire it for electricity, and much more. You can even combine multiple containers to get more space to build a specific structure. 

3. Conex Boxes Last for at Least 15 Years

Conex boxes are designed to withstand harsh sea air and the wear and tear of travel. That’s why you can expect them to last for up to 15 or 20 years!

Thanks to their steel exterior, they’re extremely durable. But, that also makes them vulnerable to rust. With regular container maintenance, you can prevent water leaks that may lead to rust or wood rot. 

Just like any other structure, you can extend the life of your Conex box with careful maintenance. 

4. Shipping Containers Have Unlimited Uses

Shipping container restaurants, housing, and offices have become very popular. But, these creative structures only scratch the surface of what’s possible. 

A shipping container can act as a shed for your lawn tools or a garage for your vehicle. You can convert a shipping container into a guest house in your backyard. 

You could even use a freight container to make an indoor garden, a creative studio, an underground bunker, or a swimming pool. 

5. You Can Choose New or Used Shipping Containers for Sale

Nearly 3 million shipping containers came into the port of Houston in 2019, which is an 11% increase from the previous year. That means you’ll have even more containers to choose from. 

There are new shipping containers for sale , which are brand new and have never hauled cargo. You can also choose from used shipping containers that have been used only once or twice. Used containers must pass the EMS inspection before they’re available for sale.  

Look for a Conex Box for Sale in Houston Today

Conex boxes may go by many different names, but the quality and durability is always the same.

Whether you want fully customized and modified shipping containers for sale or a basic used container, we can help. At Equipment Management Services, we can help you find the right Conex box for sale in Houston. 

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