With the median home price in the United States making its way to $300,000, more and more people are flooding towards the shipping container home movement!

If you already have or are planning on getting a shipping container home of your own, congratulations! In order to make sure you can get the most out of your new space, our shipping containers Houston-based team has put together this article.

In it, our team outlines 6 of the top shipping container decor tips and considerations you should keep in mind.

1. Lighting is Everything

Lighting can make or break your shipping container home. To ensure that your lights communicate the unique tone you’re attempting to get across with your rooms and with your house as a whole, be sure to strategize how to plus out your lighting early.

An easy way to keep your lighting options open is by investing in color changing bulbs like these sold by Phillips. Beyond that, work with an interior designer to pick out fixtures that will make your container pop!

2. Create Your Furniture Plan Around Larger Objects

While all shipping container homes are different, many share the common trait of having narrow rooms. In order to maximize your space and build the best possible furniture plan around your house’s unique size, start by placing your big furniture into your space.

Doing this will give you an accurate depiction of what free space you have to work with. From there, you can confidently purchase additional decor items to compliment your central pieces.

3. Go Green

Given the industrial, modern feel of some shipping containers Houston homes and others, incorporating green into your space can help create a sense of balance.

We recommend doing this by adoring your interior with a lot of plants. You can even get creative and install grass patches if you have the time to can create proper drainage infrastructure.

To take things a step further and really tie it all together, try and paint an accent wall green for an eco-looking knockout punch.

4. Ditch Stairs for Ladders

With space at a premium in shipping container homes, if your house is a double-decker, ditch stairs and instead build a ladder into your wall to get up to your second story.

This can open up your lower floor space significantly and has the added benefit of building a fuller body workout into your day!

5. Build Out Your Porch

If your building containers Houston or other container home feels a little blockish, consider adding more dimension to its facade by building out a covered patio.

Having an excellent front patio can go a long way in making your container home feel more traditional and can add that “wow factor” to your space.

6. Save Some Budget for The Backyard

Keeping a little of your decor budget free for some backyard TLC can go a long way in comfort and property value.

We’ve seen shipping container home yards that are as simple as a couple of lawn chairs and a fence and others that have industrial looking Jacuzzis! Whatever you choose to go with, just make sure your yard feels like there was intent behind its look.

Wrapping Up Shipping Containers Houston Decor Tips

While shipping container homes are pretty great in their own right, no home is complete without an amazing dash of decor.

To that end, we recommend that you leverage our tips and considerations above to get the most out of your shipping container space!

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